Review: AVON Naturals Hibiscus and Lemon Hand & Body Lotion

I have been using this lotion for weeks and I am ready to review it!!!


Pamper your skin with this moisturising hand and body lotion that leaves skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. Provides 24-hour moisture. Conditions, smoothes and moisturises skin with naturally inspired pampering fragrances.

Formula contains:

Hibiscus Flower Extract: known to be rich in Vitamin C that helps lighten the skin and known to help to remove dead skin cells and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth.

Lemon Juice: known to contain Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from environmental damage.



At first sight, the packaging strikes me as dull and boring. Now, I learn to like the packaging. Even though it appears too simplistic, I think it looks fresh and clean. I really like the picture of the flower as it’s a little girly and it speaks of nature. 😉

The bottle


The lotion has a creamy texture that is neither too runny nor too thick. It is really comfortable and smooth on the skin.

Given its perfect consistency, it sinks into the skin very easily. If applied lavishly, it will take a little more effort to blend the lotion into the skin. After which, the skin will feel a little wet but not greasy. Give it around 10-15 minutes and the skin will finally dry as if no lotion is applied.

This is how it looks like when I blend the lotion onto my sister’s hand:


The smell is a PERFECT infusion of lemon and hibiscus. This smell fills my whole room upon application! It smells really soft and does not sting despite the lemon. If I applied lavishly, this lovely fragrance still lingers on me after an hour upon application. If I put my nose very close to my skin, I can still detect the smell after 2 hours or so!  One must know that this is NOT a perfume. Thus, I felt that the longevity of this lotion is really long!



My skin feels automatically moisturised upon application. This lotion definitely meets its expectation. It leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and smooth. My skin still feels fresh even after half through the day. J Given its great moisturising quality and the generous amount of 250ml per bottle, this lotion is worth every single cent of its price…or shall I say it is under priced? 😉

I highly recommend this lotion to those people with a budget and are looking for a hand and body lotion that has a decent quality.


P.S Special thanks to my younger sister, Dobel, for assisting me in this review. 🙂

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Poem: The Company

The Company

I miss you, my dear!

I miss the time you entertained me when

Days were covered with grey clouds.

I miss the time you dumbly mistook my sarcasm as a compliment.

I miss the time when your words excite me, then,

Bore me to death.

Missing that dwarf – a mere tool,

Being towered by a remorseless ogre.


Its absence brings me down the gutter,

Into the murky water.

An up-turned cup, desperately needs to be filled, please…

Come Back!

I miss you, my dear!


By: Ct Kathy ( Kathy’s Mindspace )

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AVON: Simply Pretty Has A New Look!

Simply Pretty

Simply Pretty

Simply Pretty has just got a fresh makeover, with new packaging and better formulation!

For their Colorbliss Lipstick, Colorbliss Sparkles Lipstick and Shiny and Sheer Lipstick, the formulation is renewed with natural mosturising complex which includes Jojoba, Rice Bran, and Almond oil that helps lips to retain moisture and improve suppleness. The Colorbliss Lipstick also contains Vitamin E, just like before. I had the old version of the Colorbliss Sparkles Lipstick in Pink Star and I find that it is just too drying for my lips. I look forward to this new formulation and I hope that it will suit my chapping lips this time. 🙂

The Shine No More Pressed Powder now contains oil-controlling ingredients and tea tree oil complex which absorb excess oil while helping hide and clear skin’s blemishes, without clogging pores. Like before, this pressed powder contains SPF 14 which shields skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays. The shades are also dermatologist-tested and matched for Asian women. 🙂 The refill is also available for those who had hit pan and are stocking up. I have yet to try this product and I can’t wait to see whether what it claims are deemed to be true… 🙂

Other improved formulation includes the addition of complex extract of roses and Licorice, in the Smooth N White Pressed Powder, to give a radiant effect on the finishing touches. Smooth and White Pressed Powder SPF14, are available in 4 shades and it will be released in the upcoming campaign.

I hope that this is useful for teenagers or even adults who have been a fan of this makeup line. 🙂

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Project Work: Preliminary Idea Sample

I’m so sorry for not updating for SO long! This is what you get when you school life turns into a havoc and your level of inspiration to blog is simply ZERO!!! Anyway, this is the Preliminary Idea (PI) that I did months back for my Project Work (PW). The topic for PW 2011 is Risk and Conflict. I chose the topic on risk for my PI. I hope that it will be useful for those who will be taking PW in time to come.  Cheers!

Preliminary Ideas (PI)

Choice of Topic

Risk means the exposure to the chance of loss. An example of risk-taking is Singapore’s government being dependent on foreign workers. Singapore’s government took such risk as they urgently need to boost the economy to cope with increased global competition. This risk significantly affects Singaporeans as it imposes challenges such as jobs and housing to the locals. On the positive note, the influx of foreign workers enables Singapore to stay competitive with other countries and keep its title as a global city. I learn that risky decisions require thorough examination of pertinent variables, awareness about consequences as well as ensure public acceptance.

A future risk that I would like to take is migration. The need for people to do so is because of better job opportunities, better quality of life and improvement in financial status and stability. However, it is risky as there will be changes in terms of language, food, climate and culture. Possible strategies would be to organise trips through travel agency to visit different countries to inquire significant matters such as schools, housings, food, culture and more. Visits can also be done at subsequent times of the year so people will get to experience the four seasons in certain countries. Information of countries can be compiled and posted on a website for easy access for people who plan to migrate. A Facebook page can also be created to exchange information, thoughts and opinions with different people from different countries. In addition, interviews can be taken with migrates to clarify certain doubts. Learning the language can be done by taking up lessons.

Reasons for Choice of Topic

The dependency on foreign workers is very controversial in the Singapore’s society. Thus, it will be easier to make access to the information as the topic is widely available in the media.

Migration is rampant worldwide. Researching on migration would be useful as it is something that I and my family have been contemplating of.  In addition, this research will be useful to a significant number of people and even the future generation.

Feasibility and Manageability of Future Risk

Organising trips to different countries can be done through travel agency such as Chan Brothers. To make this possible, surveys can be done to get statistics of the amount of people who are willing to go for these trips. This will enable us to know the demands of such trips so that we can work hand in hand with the travel agencies. Putting up website and opening a Facebook page would need IT people. This can be done through volunteering by members of the school. CIP hours will be given so that it is a win-win situation. We can get interviewers through relatives of friends that had migrated by using the online webcam. If taking up lessons is too expensive, books and internet can also be used to learn the language.

Accessibility of Information Required

My sources would be:

(495 words)

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“Mutu Kehidupan rakyat Singapura merosot akibat tekanan yang pelbagai”

Bedasarkan rakyat Singapura yang diberikan, bincangkan punca-punca bagi pelbagai tekanan yang dihadapi rakyat Singapura, kesan tekanan-tekanan tersebut terhadap pelbagai lapisan masyarakat serta sarankan langkah-langkah yang boleh diambil untuk memperbaik mutu kehidupan rakyat Singapura.

Rakyat Singapura: Ibu, Pelajar, Pekerja

Tekanan adalah suatu kebiasaan di dunia masa kini terutama sekali di negara yang global seperti Singapura. Setiap individu akan melalui tekanan yang berbeza. Ada yang tertekan kerana melalui masalah kehidupan. Ada pula yang tertekan kerana mempunyai terlalu banyak pekerjaan yang perlu diselesaikan. Tekanan boleh membuat seseorang itu lebih tabah dalam menjalankan hidup mereka. Walaubagaimanapun, tekanan yang berlebihan boleh menjejaskan mutu kehidupan seseorang.

Ibu memainkan peranan yang penting di masyarakat Singapura. Ibu bertanggungjawab untuk menjaga anak-anak dan memastikan keharmonian keluarga. Ibu-ibu di Singapura kini tertekan kerana mereka menghadapi kesukaran untuk mendidik anak-anak mereka. Anak-anak zaman sekarang, terutama sekali remaja, semakin susah untuk dikawal. Ini disebabkan sikap dan tingkah laku mereka yang semakin kebaratan. Tambahan pula, ibu-ibu akan menjadi semakin tertekan apabila mereka terpaksa bekerja untuk menampung keluarga. Ini disebabkan oleh ekonomi di Singapura yang senantiasa memuncak. Apabila kaum ibu tertekan, mereka akan sering murung. Ini akan menjejaskan suasana di rumah yang tidak lagi ceria. Lantas, hubungan ibu dan anak-anak akan menjadi kurang mesra. Jika ini sering berlaku, keadaan masyarakat di Singapura akan menjadi riuh-rendah kerana banyak keluarga yang bermasalah. Pemerintah perlu membantu ibu-ibu yang bekerja sambil menjaga anak-anak mereka. Pemerintah boleh memberikan subsidi yuran sebanyak 50 peratus untuk membolehkan ibu manghantar anak-anak mereka ke Pusat Penjagaan Anak-Anak. Wang insentif untuk keperluan anak-anak juga perlu diberikan setiap tahun. Tambahan pula, pemerintah boleh menganjurkan kempen berkomunikasi diantara ibu dan anak-anak serta kempen untuk aktiviti-aktiviti sekeluarga pada hari-hari cuti agar hubungan sekeluarga dapat dieraratkan. Jangka masa ibu bekerja juga perlu terhad agar mereka dapat berehat secukupnya.

Pelajar juga akan menghadapi tekanan yang pelbagai di Singapura. Mereka perlu menyalesaikan terlalu banyak kerja sekolah dan projek. Mereka juga terpaksa menghabiskan masa yang berlebihan di sekolah pada tiap-tiap hari. Kini, pelajaran semakin sukar untuk ditangani. Pelajar berasa tertekan oleh masyarakat untuk menjadi pelajar yang cemerlang. Ini diburukkan lagi apabila pelajar asing membuat persaingan di sekolah lebih ketat. Tekanan-tekanan ini akan membuat mutu kehidupan pelajar untuk merosot. Mereka tidak akan mempunyai cukup masa untuk aktiviti-aktiviti di luar sekolah. Ini akan membuat pelajar gagal untuk menjadi individu yang berkeseluruhan. Lantas, negara Singapura akan membina masyarakat yang tidak bermutu tinggi. Sumbangan yang akan diberikan pelajar kepada masyarakat akan terhad kepada apa yang dipelajari di dalam buku. Ini akan menjejaskan pembangunan negara dan kemahirannya untuk bersaing dengan negara-negara lain pada masa hadapan. Untuk memperbaiki mutu kehidupan pelajar, Kementerian Pelajaran(MOE) perlu mengurangkan masa yang dihabiskan di sekolah sehingga 8 jam, paling banyak. Guru-guru juga boleh mengajar pelajar-pelajar cara untuk membahagikan masa agar mereka tidak membuat kerja pada saat-saat terakhir. Tambahan pula, aktivit-aktiviti luar sekolah perlu dijalankan setiap bulan untuk meluaskan minda pelajar dan sekali gus mengurangkan tekanan mereka pada pelajaran.

Selain pelajar, pekerja juga menhadapi pelbagai tekanan di Singapura. Ini disebabkan oleh jangka masa pekerjaan yang terlalu panjang, gaji yang tidak mencukupi, persaingan sengit di antara pekerja untuk kenaikan pangkat, jumlah pekerjaan yang terlalu banyak dan juga majikan yang mahu pekerjaan yang terbaik daripada pekerjanya. Disebabkan itu, pekerja tidak mempunyai cukup masa untuk diluangkan bersama keluarga kerana terlalu sibuk dengan pekerjaan. Bagi ibu bapa yang bekerja, anak-anak mereka akan terjejas kerana kurangnya perhatian ibu bapa. Tekanan yang dihadapi juga boleh menimbulkan nilai-nilai yang negatif kepada pekerja seperti mementingkan diri sendiri kerana mahu kenaikan gaji atau pangkat. Ini akan menjejaskan negara Singapura kerana pekerja akan lupa akan pentingnya hidup bermasyarakatan. Mereka akan bekerja kerana duit semata-mata. Pemerintah harus sering menggalakkan majikan untuk menaikan gaji pekerja mereka. Ini kerana kenaikan ekonomi di Singapura akan berterusan. Pemerintah juga perlu mengimplementasikan peraturan agar pekerja tidak boleh bekerja lebih dari 12 jam. Persaingan yang sihat juga perlu digalakkan di antara pekerja. Dengan langkah-langkah ini, pekerja akan kurang tertekan dan mutu kehidupan mereka dapat diperbaiki.

Masyarakat yang tertekan tidak akan menghasilkan apa-apa faedah kepada negara. Pemerintah wajib memantau kesejahteraan rakyat mereka agar rakyat Singapura akan berasa lebih selesa dengan tempat diaman mereka. Sebaliknya, rakyat Singapura juga perlu mengetahui cara-cara untuk menagani tekanan yang dihadapi agar mereka dapat menikmati mutu kehidupan yang lebih tinggi.

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Being An Entrepreneur: Interview With A Teenage Blogshop Owner

I interviewed a teenage blogshop owner, Rin Mitsuki, 17. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship among teenagers. 🙂

What is your blogshop name and what are you selling?

My blogshop is:

I sell second- hand clothes that are bought and worn once or twice, or not worn before.

Why did you start a blogshop?

I want to get rid of my stuff, out-dated clothes to earn extra income to have money to buy more new stuff.

How long do you have a blogshop?

I opened a blogshop since I was in Secondary 3 and has been changing blogshop ever since.

How do advertise your blogshop?

It is sort of automatic as there are these tags where links of blogshops are gathered for people to see.

What are the challenges that you face?

Well, some customers ask a lot of questions but in the end they did not buy anything.

Some blogshop owners will ‘steal’ pictures of the items that you took on your own from the blogshop and put it at their own blogshop.

It is also difficult to sell sometimes because there are cheaper prices that are offered elsewhere.

How do you overcome these challenges?

I would confront those who took my pictures without permission and leave it to settle. I will also imprint my blogshop name vividly on my pictures so that no one can take it anymore.

In terms of pricing, I did not change the prices of my items despite of the lack of customers as I feel that my prices are reasonable enough.

How much capital do you require to start the blogshop?

Erm…I need none at all.

How much do you earn?

For now, I am Missing In Action (MIA). However, I earned around $100-$200 at least ever since I started with blogshops.

What are you planning to do in the future?     

I will merge with a friend to re-create another blogshop in June and we will sell our clothes which are not worn before. Either selling at a cheap price, maybe $10, or do trades. People can trade their stuff with ours as long as it is reasonable.

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The Lion King Musical

The Lion King Musical is now in Singapore!!! The preview really catch my attention! 🙂  Though tickets are not cheap, I bet it produce quality performance and promise to entertain…

SYNOPSIS:  Seen by over 50 million people around the world, Disney’s internationally-acclaimed musical THE LION KING will have its Southeast Asian Premiere when it opens March 2011 at the Sands Theater at Marina Bay Sands®.

Set against the majesty of the Serengeti Plains and to the evocative rhythms of Africa, Disney’s multi-award winning musical THE LION KING will redefine your expectations of theatre. Brilliantly reimagined by acclaimed director Julie Taymor, Disney’s beloved film has been transformed into a spectacular theatrical experience which has won over 70 major international theatre awards.

THE LION KING explodes with glorious colours, stunning effects and enchanting music including Elton John and Tim Rice’s Academy Award-winning ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’. At its heart is the powerful and moving story of Simba – the epic adventure of his journey from wide-eyed cub to his destined role as King of the Pridelands.


Reference: http//

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