Meals of Ramadhan: Burgers, Hashbrowns & Chilli Egg Rice

So yesterday’s iftar & today’s sahur were consisted of Rice with Chilli Egg. It was a recipe that dear mom saw on Facebook and shared it with me. Of course, I just had to make my own version of it.

I saute these (crushed) over some oil: 3 garlics, 2 small onions and an inch of ginger. Then I added in about 8 tablespoons of blended cilli paste and stir fried them till its cooked. I added 3 ‘asam keping’ or tamarind (pictured above) and seasoned the pasty sauce with some sugar, salt and ajinomoto. Lastly, I cracked in 5 eggs and scrambled them till its fully cooked. I also added 1 fried harsbrowns-broken into small pieces, into the dish.

That’s it! We’re done… Serve with rice doused in sweet soy sauce and perhaps some leftover fried hashbrowns to munch on. 😁


For iftar 2 days ago, the leftover pizza from the sahur was inadequate to satisfy our hunger, so I fried some ready made burger patty and we ate them with bread loafs. Thought I’ll add them in here…well, just cause.

While frying, I seasoned them with black and white pepper along with some crushed tomyam cubes for flavouring.

I added fried chicken bacon for more filling…

I buttered the bread loaf, put a slice of cheese and microwave them to melt the cheese.

We ate them with cilli sos. It was too simple but quite yummy! 😋

Phew! So, that is all… Till next time!👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

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