Book Journal of 2018: Overbite by Meg Cabot

Oh wow, has it been 3 years indeed since I last posted? Too many things have changed… I graduated from University, worked, got married, moved out from my parents & living on a rented apartment with the husband. Life is full of ups & downs. One way to cope is to always look forward (and maybe back-sometimes). One of my resolutions this year is to start reading again & minimise phone usage. I’m still working on it…and a few other goals that never seem to materialise. Still, im making progress, I guess. It takes a lot of you.

Anyway, this is my first book of the year. Here goes:

The first half of the book was quite unexciting. I felt like the author just jump to the characters a little too quickly & just briefly mentioned events that happened before this book- that was actually in the 1st book. This is supposedly the second book…a continuation from the 1st one & I didn’t even realised after a while. I felt like i’m missing pieces & chunks of information. It feels as if I start to read from the middle of a book, if that makes sense.

The whole concept is about vampires & an organisations fighting these demons. Meena, happened to be in-love with a vampire & apparently he is the son of Dracula too. A love-triangle thrown in between the plot as Meena’s colleague has a thing for her too… The two males just despised & wanted to end each other (what’s new?).

Overall, it was a good read. Very ‘Twilight’ & ‘Vampire Diaries’ vibe… I plucked it out from the Adult Fiction section then realised that it was actually misplaced. It belongs to the Youth section. Anyway, I’ll give it 3 Out of 5 Stars.

Well done Meg Cabot! My teenage-self always remember & love you for the Pincess Diaries Series. 😊

P.S Interesting point to note: Some information mentioned in the book are actual facts!

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