Romeo & Juliet Films


I still remember doing William Shakespeare in my Secondary School years. I was in my lower Secondary at that time. I studied stories written by Mr Shakespeare and the attention was mainly focused on Romeo and Juliet. We did many projects based on that tale and the literature teacher showed the class the movie, Romeo + Juliet, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes in the leading roles. I remembered when my literature teacher said that the movie was the modern version of the play, with the use of guns and whatnot.



Call me old fashion but I prefer the 1968 film of Romeo and Juliet, starred Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. I think the movie was more closely based on the original play and I just LOVED the lead actor and actress. They were just stunning! By the way, don’t you think that Leonard Whiting has a frightening resemblance of Zac Efron? Basically, I just loved this version better. Everything from the theme song to the scenes and to the casts makes this version seems perfect in my eyes.

Theme Song: A Time for Us

Snippets of the Movie





In addition, Hussey’s daughter is an actress too and she happened to be starring in one of my favourite movies, Underworld: Awakening. What a coincidence!

Official Trailer of Underworld: Awakening




Olivia Hussey's Family

Olivia Hussey's Family

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One Response to Romeo & Juliet Films

  1. The 68 version was remarkable. The cast were and are super stars. They are nothing like the actors we have today with few exceptions.

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