Application Question(AQ) on Singapore’s Progress

Answer the application question.

“To what extent do you agree with the views presented in the video by Lee Kuan Yew and how valid are these points considering the modern Singapore context? Support your answers with the views presented in the video and your understanding of the Singapore society.”

Former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew states that there is a need to limit some liberty in Singapore. By this, he means that it is necessary to restraint a few forms of freedom in Singapore. His stand is sensible in the modern Singapore context as being a multi-racial state, it is vital to restrict one’s liberty, especially the freedom of speech, in order to prevent from possible conflict among the different races. Despite being in the modern world, and the constant cries from the younger generations for their voice to be heard, Singaporeans are now growing more aware of the need to be wary of their actions in order to maintain peace and stability in the country. For example, schools in Singapore made it compulsory by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to carry out different talks, workshops and even lessons such as Social Studies to make a continuous effort in making the younger generation understand the need to restraint certain liberties for the sake of the country’s peace. Thus, it is possible to limit some liberty in the modern Singapore as the younger nations are being nurtured to understand such need.

What do you think? I highly appreciate constructive feedback from readers. Thank you.

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