Project Work: Preliminary Idea Sample

I’m so sorry for not updating for SO long! This is what you get when you school life turns into a havoc and your level of inspiration to blog is simply ZERO!!! Anyway, this is the Preliminary Idea (PI) that I did months back for my Project Work (PW). The topic for PW 2011 is Risk and Conflict. I chose the topic on risk for my PI. I hope that it will be useful for those who will be taking PW in time to come.  Cheers!

Preliminary Ideas (PI)

Choice of Topic

Risk means the exposure to the chance of loss. An example of risk-taking is Singapore’s government being dependent on foreign workers. Singapore’s government took such risk as they urgently need to boost the economy to cope with increased global competition. This risk significantly affects Singaporeans as it imposes challenges such as jobs and housing to the locals. On the positive note, the influx of foreign workers enables Singapore to stay competitive with other countries and keep its title as a global city. I learn that risky decisions require thorough examination of pertinent variables, awareness about consequences as well as ensure public acceptance.

A future risk that I would like to take is migration. The need for people to do so is because of better job opportunities, better quality of life and improvement in financial status and stability. However, it is risky as there will be changes in terms of language, food, climate and culture. Possible strategies would be to organise trips through travel agency to visit different countries to inquire significant matters such as schools, housings, food, culture and more. Visits can also be done at subsequent times of the year so people will get to experience the four seasons in certain countries. Information of countries can be compiled and posted on a website for easy access for people who plan to migrate. A Facebook page can also be created to exchange information, thoughts and opinions with different people from different countries. In addition, interviews can be taken with migrates to clarify certain doubts. Learning the language can be done by taking up lessons.

Reasons for Choice of Topic

The dependency on foreign workers is very controversial in the Singapore’s society. Thus, it will be easier to make access to the information as the topic is widely available in the media.

Migration is rampant worldwide. Researching on migration would be useful as it is something that I and my family have been contemplating of.  In addition, this research will be useful to a significant number of people and even the future generation.

Feasibility and Manageability of Future Risk

Organising trips to different countries can be done through travel agency such as Chan Brothers. To make this possible, surveys can be done to get statistics of the amount of people who are willing to go for these trips. This will enable us to know the demands of such trips so that we can work hand in hand with the travel agencies. Putting up website and opening a Facebook page would need IT people. This can be done through volunteering by members of the school. CIP hours will be given so that it is a win-win situation. We can get interviewers through relatives of friends that had migrated by using the online webcam. If taking up lessons is too expensive, books and internet can also be used to learn the language.

Accessibility of Information Required

My sources would be:

(495 words)

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35 Responses to Project Work: Preliminary Idea Sample

  1. Daryl says:

    extremely well thought PI!! how you get your idea and inspiration ah? i thought of so long also can’t come up with an effective one.. did 2 drafts which failed.. can teach me pls pls?? ><

    • ctkathy says:

      Hi. Thx for the compliment. This final PI took me a total of 3 drafts,. How may I assist you? What is your topic for PW this year?

      • annabel9999 says:

        Your PI is really good. Is there like a format for doing PI? The 2012 topic is “The Eureka Moment” and “Waste Not, Want Not” .

      • steph says:

        Amazing PI there :O
        This year’s question is about adapting an invention to meet a need in the community OR identifying area of wastage and suggest a plan to solve this problem..

      • ctkathy says:

        Hi Steph! Thank u for the flattering comment! Haha! 🙂 Personally, I felt that the topic on wastage is easier as invention would require one to have an innovative mind and u might need to create a prototype if the idea is chosen for your Written Report, which would be an arduous task, I would say. I have given some tips to other readers and you might want to read them for some insights. I WISH U THE BEST! 🙂

      • anonymous :) says:

        The first topic is “That Eureka Moment”, which requires us to explore the world of invention/discovery in a particular field, and suggest how it can be adapted to meet a need in the community.
        The second topic is “Waste not, Want not”, which requires us to consider the issue of wastage in a particular area and suggest ways to reduce such wastage.

      • ctkathy says:

        Hello… Sorry for the late reply. 😦 I hope that u have already chosen your choice of topic for your PI. This is an individual work and the marks earned will entirely be based on your own credit. So, give it your best shot! 🙂 U might want to read the comments that I have replied to other readers for some tips. Tc.

      • Daryl says:

        Erh, my topic is the eureka moment, and waste not want not. i am having troubles with the feasibility and manageability part of the PI.. can’t seem to get it.. how do you get around that problem?? HELP!! ><

  2. Nur Shifa says:

    The topic for this year’s PW is either The Eureka Moment or Waste Not, Want Not. I am thinking of doing the latter. Any suggestions/tips for me ? 🙂

    • ctkathy says:

      Hi Shifa. I’m SO sorry for the late reply. I personally think that your chosen topic is easier than the other one. 🙂 I have given all the tips that I can to the other readers of this posts. I hope that u won’t mind finding and reading them there as it is quite lengthy. If there is anything else, u can always get back to me. 🙂

  3. Joc says:

    Oh gosh that was a good PI! So good! I’ve been thinking of topics but I can’t get one that can pass my teacher’s expectations D: Teach me too please??

    • ctkathy says:

      Hello…. I’m SO sorry for the late reply. 😦 I have given my bests in giving as much tips as I can to the other readers in this posts. Please refer to them if necessary. I hope that it will help. All the best to you! 🙂

  4. annabel9999 says:

    Hi, your PI is really good, is there a format for doing PI or you just freely express your ideas? This year’s topic is “The Eureka Moment” and “Waste Not, Want Not”

    • ctkathy says:

      Hello… I use the format given by my tutor. U might want to refer to this format or consult your teachers for better advice. 😉

  5. Priyaa says:

    Hi, I’m taking PW this year too. Our topics are Inventions and wastage.

    • ctkathy says:

      Hi. Priyaa… Thanks for the comment. You might want to read the comments that I have replied to other readers for some tips. Hopefully it helps. Best of luck to u! 🙂

  6. Daphne says:

    Wastage and Inventions/Discovery! How do I get started if I am thinking of doing wastage? Thanks a lot!

    • ctkathy says:

      Hello… U might want to craft out a structure for your PI to ensure that there is coherence when you draft out your essay. 🙂 Regarding the topic, u might want to research on the concerns of different wastage and choose a topic that u are most comfortable with. Try to choose wastage that is practiced by the local people as you are suppose to highlight the problem to a specific group of people in the community. Thus, your target group should be Singaporeans. Your case study must also be concrete as u must craft out valuable lessons learnt from it for your topic. Hope it helps… Stive for the best! 🙂 TC!

  7. Nur Shifa says:

    Hi . This year’s task in on ‘waste not, want not’. To identify an area where wastage takes place and show the present and future impact of such wastage and draw up a plan to highlight the problem to a specific group of people in the community and suggest ways in which they might reduce the wastage. Any tips? it would be much appreciated 🙂

    • ctkathy says:

      Hi, thanks for commenting. I suggests that u choose a topic that is most current and relevant in today’s world so that u can get sufficient and relevant information more efficiently. Furthermore, choose an idea that u can develop on and it does not necessarily be a very popular topic. The fact that the topic chosen is significant and urgent would already suffice. Do note that marks will be given for your creativity. So, think out of the box when u are brainstorming for ways in which people might reduce the wastage. While thinking creatively, u must also take note of its’ feasibility. Hope this helps…. All the best!

  8. sadistic says:

    Hey, any advices on the project on Inventions? I can’t relate any adaptations …

  9. Pig says:

    For the choice of topic, i don’t think that there is a need to write so long. Isn’t it just asking for the choice that you picked??

  10. Cher says:

    What a great PI! Clear and concise haha. Oh no do you not recommend us to do That Eureka Moment then? 😦

  11. Grace says:

    Hi! Im doing on wastage of human resource in intellectually disabled people… For the action plan, it is so hard to find what other country(which has a similar context as singapore) has done and singapore is not doing as good. how should i make an insightful action plan if there is no available data? Im thinking of making improvements on the existing actions that some organisations are taking but my teacher told me that its not sightful. Now i feel so clueless….

  12. Danny says:

    Hey how’s your pw reuslt???

  13. randomer says:

    What grade did you get for PW? o.0

  14. Ali Baba says:

    Hello! Awesome PI you have there~ Anyway how many % of the entire PW grade does the PI take up? 🙂

  15. Val says:

    Hi kathy , do you have any ideas on how to solve the problem of wastage of clothes ?

  16. Anon says:

    Hi, may i ask what’s the difference between target group, stakeholders and target audience? To highlight the wastage to the community, is it referring to highlighting the wastage to the target group? Or is it to the stakeholders? Ur reply will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  17. kathy says:

    did you get an A for PW?

  18. Christyn says:

    Hiya. Question Paper came out out yesterday, and project tasks are “Access” and “Choice”. Can i ask in the 495 words, do they include the titles ofthe mini sections you type, andinclude the citations and exanples you got from elsewhere? the (Reasons for choice of topic) i mean

  19. Nix says:

    This is a great help for me. I, being the butterfingers that I am, lost my PW notes (OH MY GAHD), and have nothing to refer to. Thanks, Kathy! You saved my sorry hide from the wrath of my PW teachers.

  20. Anon says:

    Hello, the topics for this year are Influence and Competition. Which one would you recommend? 🙂

  21. Gladwys says:

    Hi! Great PI work done!! I was wondering if you could provide some tips in the planning aspects. The topics for this year is Control and Consequence. I’m thinking of doing Control over smoking. What are your thoughts on that?

  22. xgagadiamond says:

    may i ask, with much discretion, what was your grade for PW? this seems like a great preliminary idea! so i was thinking of how it can help me in my 2016 PW questions

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