Being An Entrepreneur: Interview With A Teenage Blogshop Owner

I interviewed a teenage blogshop owner, Rin Mitsuki, 17. The aim is to promote entrepreneurship among teenagers. 🙂

What is your blogshop name and what are you selling?

My blogshop is:

I sell second- hand clothes that are bought and worn once or twice, or not worn before.

Why did you start a blogshop?

I want to get rid of my stuff, out-dated clothes to earn extra income to have money to buy more new stuff.

How long do you have a blogshop?

I opened a blogshop since I was in Secondary 3 and has been changing blogshop ever since.

How do advertise your blogshop?

It is sort of automatic as there are these tags where links of blogshops are gathered for people to see.

What are the challenges that you face?

Well, some customers ask a lot of questions but in the end they did not buy anything.

Some blogshop owners will ‘steal’ pictures of the items that you took on your own from the blogshop and put it at their own blogshop.

It is also difficult to sell sometimes because there are cheaper prices that are offered elsewhere.

How do you overcome these challenges?

I would confront those who took my pictures without permission and leave it to settle. I will also imprint my blogshop name vividly on my pictures so that no one can take it anymore.

In terms of pricing, I did not change the prices of my items despite of the lack of customers as I feel that my prices are reasonable enough.

How much capital do you require to start the blogshop?

Erm…I need none at all.

How much do you earn?

For now, I am Missing In Action (MIA). However, I earned around $100-$200 at least ever since I started with blogshops.

What are you planning to do in the future?     

I will merge with a friend to re-create another blogshop in June and we will sell our clothes which are not worn before. Either selling at a cheap price, maybe $10, or do trades. People can trade their stuff with ours as long as it is reasonable.

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2 Responses to Being An Entrepreneur: Interview With A Teenage Blogshop Owner

  1. Claudine says:

    I think you should do interviews with more successful blogshop owners!
    Like the 15-yr-old girl who earns $10,000 per month from her blogshop.

  2. Awesome! Its truly amazing paragraph, I have got much clear idea concerning
    from this article.

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