Wuthering Heights: How is Lockwood different as a narrator from Nelly?

I did tutorial after tutorial of Wuthering Heights which was given by my Literature tutor. The tutorials do touch on the narrations of Wuthering Heights. The 1st question on narrations is: Is Lockwood a reliable narrator? I stated that he was not reliable and provide the necessary evidence for my answer. The 2nd question is: Is Nelly a reliable narrator? This question is specifically for Chapter 3-6.  I plunged into the question without pondering for too long. Since there is a switch in the narration from chapter 2 to chapter 3, my mind was focused on the differences of both narrators, Lockwood and Nelly Dean. So, my answer was more or less based on the differences of these two. I stated that Nelly Dean is a more reliable narrator than Lockwood and I elaborated my answer from there.  The 3rd question is a repetition of the 2nd one. This time, it is specifically for Chapter7-12. This repetition made me struggle with the question even when it is for the different part of the book. My brain cells could not work well enough and my answer turns out crappy. I shall not share what I wrote for this one. :-/ The 4th question is: How is Lockwood different as a narrator from Nelly? I WAS AGHAST! By then, I realised that I screwed up most of the questions that I had painstakingly did. Why did I compare Nelly and Lockwood on the 2nd question in the first place??? I can’t re-write! My answers were all quite lengthy. In fact, I don’t even know what else to write for the 2nd question other than comparing both narrators. I decided to clear the mess up by merging my 1st and 2nd answers to tackle the 4th question. This is what I wrote for the 4th question:

Lockwood is an unreliable narrator when compared to Nelly Dean. His descriptions of the characters in Wuthering Heights are strongly based on his personal opinion. His fickleness can be seen when he changed his mind only when the true characteristics of the characters in Wuthering Heights is unveiled. This show how he jumps to conclusion and misjudge frequently.

Nelly differs from Lockwood as she didn’t jump straight to conclusion and her narrations are mostly based on what happened. Her judgements are mostly based on evidences and not her own feelings or instincts. Nelly, unlike Lockwood, rarely misjudged the characters in Wuthering Heights and when she did misjudged, i.e. Heathcilff and Catherine, she would correct herself, stating that she was wrong. Her biasness towards certain characters does not significantly affect the way she narrates the event that occurred in Wuthering Heights.





Nelly Dean

Nelly Dean








What do you think of this answer?

What is your comparison between Lockwood and Nelly Dean? 🙂

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