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Is there a case for animal testing?

Dear students, Research and brainstorm points for the following essay question: “Is there a case for animal testing?” After brainstorming, you need to craft out one full paragraph on one of the arguments. What does ‘case’ means? The dictionary, I … Continue reading

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Wuthering Heights: How is Lockwood different as a narrator from Nelly?

I did tutorial after tutorial of Wuthering Heights which was given by my Literature tutor. The tutorials do touch on the narrations of Wuthering Heights. The 1st question on narrations is: Is Lockwood a reliable narrator? I stated that he … Continue reading

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Millennia Institute 2010 A-Levels Results

Hey everyone, I’m here to proudly spread the achievements of my school in the A- Level results. On 04  March 2011, Friday, the Institute witnessed the culmination of their hardwork in the past five years, having made significant improvements in the … Continue reading

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Black Swan (film): Review & Analysis

Black Swan was released in the United States in December 2010. However, in Singapore, it only hits the cinema in February 2011. This psychological thriller would entrance you for its exotic features and dark atmosphere. It would leave you wondering … Continue reading

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