Review:AVON Naturals Bearberry Yogurt Facial Mask

What it says:

A refreshing facial mask that instantly lightens skin. This special formulation is made with

bearberry extracts and yogurt to moisturize and stimulate skin turnover to make skin tone look less dull and helps reduce dry skin texture.. Its micro-beads helps remove dry and flaky skin to reveal fair skin. Thus, skin looks refreshed and naturally fair.
Contains bearberry extracts, a leaf extract well-known for its lightening properties; it is formulated to decrease melanin production which creates pigments that darken skin.
Contains yogurt, a virtual treasure of vitamins, proteins, and minerals known to nourish skin and as a natural mousturizer.


What I say:

So far, there’s only 1 review about this product on the net. The reviewer said that the mask made her face itch and she had rashes. I,personally, does not go through such unfavorable experience when I was using this product. I came to like this product. It is affordable to buy for a student like me. It costs around RM 13.90 for two boxes or RM20.00 for three boxes. There are four packs in each box. I would use a scissors to cut it open as I find it almost impossible to open it by myself. Even my brother can’t help me.. Haha! I can use one pack for 2 applications. The mask has tiny pink beads which I liked.”>[/caption]Pros:


  • Sweet and strong bearberry smell that fills up the whole room. It is so pleasant.
  • The mask has a cooling effect on my face.
  • It is smooth and creamy which make application a breeze.
  • It moisturizes the skin and leaves my face feeling smooth and fresh
  • I had a finer skin tone after 1-2 weeks of continuous use.”>[/caption]

  • I think it is not meant for those with sensitive skin as it might itch your face and makes you have rashes. It should be OK for those with normal to dry skin.
  • The direction said to use it for 2-3 times a week for maximum benefit. Other facial mask, I checked, requires you to use only once a week. So, this mask will takes up more of your time.

As a whole, I would definitely recommend this product. I think it is worth trying although the results might vary on different individuals.

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4 Responses to Review:AVON Naturals Bearberry Yogurt Facial Mask

  1. Kergan says:

    I liked the yogurt on my face

  2. i will try this tonight! 😀

  3. apple gregorio says:

    i have proven that the product is reallyeffective…that’s why i will recommend avon bearberry facial mask to all who wanted to give their face a real change and glow…the product made me prettier, so why not to try it…=)

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