Globalization: If I Was A Teacher In Australia

This is another assignment given by my GP tutor on globalization and I would like to share my answers with those who are interested. 🙂

If I was: A teacher in Australia,

(i) How would the economic and environmental impacts of globalization affect me?


Globalization has causes negative impacts to the environment such as pollution and rapid depletion of natural resources. Teachers will be trained and given the opportunity to engage the students in a diverse and stimulating ‘green’ teaching ways and activities.This will expose me to the different type of teaching techniques and thus it allows me to upgrade my teaching skills. The increase in environmental awareness had given me the chance to work and learn at the same time.

As a teacher, I am able to influence my students and make a difference. Since globalization is bad for the environment, it is part of my job to encourage students to practice good habits in order to save the environment. This will give me a sense of accomplishment as I had tried to make a difference.


The rise in economy will make it more competitive to get a good job with high salary. Therefore, most student struggle with this economical impact as they are afraid that they might not be good enough to excel when they enter the working world. The teachers are responsible to guide the students in every way that are possible. This is a heavy burden.  As teachers, we will be bombarded with a lot of work that might lead to a very busy and stressful life. So, the economic impact of globalisation had indirectly affected me in a bad way.

The rise in economy leads to higher standard of living. Even though teachers earn above the workforce average, it is still low in comparison to other professions. Teachers will get a significant increase in their earnings only if they have years of teaching experience and are extremely assiduous. Therefore, most teachers felt unsatisfied with the amount of money that we earn especially when the economy is rising and the amounts of teachers available are declining.

(ii) Are you against globalization and why?

I will not go against globalization as there will be opportunities available for me as a teacher. For example, newspapers, such as the Australian or Sydney Morning Herald, offer Australian school teachers jobs in places such as China, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, England, Canada and the USA at wage levels, often, more than double, that which we normally receive. So, as a high-skilled worker in Australia, I may be able to benefit from globalization and would not go against it.

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