This week, during GP lessons, one of the things that we touched is on globalization. The new GP tutor gave us some work on the topic and it is due on the following week.

So, here are my answers for the questions given:

Why do countries globalize?

Countries globalize because they believe that they are able to benefit from it. They believe so as there are a lot of advantages that can be gained if a country globalize. By globalizing, countries are able to improve and thus upgrade themselves to be better. Since the world are getting more competitive, countries globalize in order to progress more quickly and stand out from the others.

What benefits will globalization bring for a country and its citizens?

Globalization is able to improve the economy and help the country to prosper. By improving the economy, the country is able to create more jobs for its citizens. This ensures that most of the citizens are employed and have an income. Globalization allows the transfer of technology from one country to another. As such, it will help to improve the level of technology in the country. Globalization also make a country understand about other cultures while they learn from each other.

Are there any disadvantages/limitations?

When a developed country is globalizing with a developing country, the developed country will benefit more as compared to the developing country. This put the developing country to a disadvantage as their economy will progress at a slower pace . Also, due to globalization, some of the country’s identity will be lost as the influence on other cultures pull the people away from their own culture.

How different will your life be in Singapore if there was no globalization?

My life will be different as I am able to communicate with the people overseas as easily as I can now due to the lack of technology. My entertainment life will also be different as all of it will be based on the country’s own style and culture. I will be ignorant of a lot of information available around the world as Singapore is unable to pass new information and knowledge efficiently because there was no globalization.

Hopefully my work is good enough so that I can get decent marks.

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