OCIP Philippines Trip: Objectives Achieved!

Our main objective going there is to make a difference in the people’s lives there. The OCIP group all agreed that we had make a difference in one way or another… No matter how small. I am glad that I took the opportunity to go for the trip as I learned a lot from it. I hope that I will never stop helping others from all over the world in the future!

OCIP Philippines

OCIP Philippines

Xavier School

The exchange program with the Xavier School was real fun. Most of them are SO rich and yet they are humble. We even went trekking and tree planting together… 🙂

Other Local Schools

ACED gave us a local school to work with. We renovated a Grade 1 classroom and the school library. We also communicate with the school teachers  in order to help them in creating visual aids for the students there. The vice-principal was so grateful to have us as a helping hand.

Grace Orphanage

We played with the children there and prepared food for their tea break.

So, here are some of the pictures that we took…

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One Response to OCIP Philippines Trip: Objectives Achieved!

  1. asahjaya says:

    Nice shots. Good compo.

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