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Globalization: If I Was A Teacher In Australia

This is another assignment given by my GP tutor on globalization and I would like to share my answers with those who are interested. 🙂 If I was: A teacher in Australia, (i) How would the economic and environmental impacts … Continue reading

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Barah Kulit

Barah kulit adalah salah satu jenis barah yang paling umum. Ia juga boleh membawa maut. Institut Barah Nasional Amerika melaporkan bahawa lebih dari satu juta orang di Amerika Syarikat yang menghidapi barah kulit pada tahun lalu. Barah kulit adalah salah … Continue reading

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This week, during GP lessons, one of the things that we touched is on globalization. The new GP tutor gave us some work on the topic and it is due on the following week. So, here are my answers for … Continue reading

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OCIP Philippines Trip: Objectives Achieved!

Our main objective going there is to make a difference in the people’s lives there. The OCIP group all agreed that we had make a difference in one way or another… No matter how small. I am glad that I … Continue reading

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