OCIP Philippines Trip

The biggest achievement that I had so far in this year is to get chosen to for the Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) Philippines Trip that is organised by my school. I applied for the trip and was told to go for an interview. To be honest, I was really anxious because I did not know what to expect. During the interview, the teacher-in-charge asked me questions like, “How can you contribute to the trip?”, “How do you feel about student-based trip?”, “Do you think it is possible to conduct a student-based trip after the students gain experience from the teacher-based trip to Philippines this year?” Well, a student-based trip simply means that the trip will be fully organised by the students with some guidance from the teachers. Anyway, I answered all the questions asked and was told that the results for the selected students will be released tomorrow.

On the very next day, I checked the results and was delirious to find out that I was selected.                                                                                  


From that day onwards, we were busy preparing for the trip. We were asked to design our own OCIP Group t-shirt and to come out with a project name and logo.

We were also given details on what we are going to do during the trip…Basically, there will be 3 groups that we will be helping, one is to be determined by the Xavier School, another will be schools in the metro manila area as identified by Ateneo Centre for Educational Development (ACED) that will need help in the maintenance of their school facilities and the third one is an orphanage in Antipolo.

Xavier School

Xavier is a private school and home to some of the MOST privileged male citizens of Manila. Given their socio-economic status, the school made ways to make their students understand the plight about the poor and to actually do something about it. They have several initiatives in place, the most successful being a programme called “Para kay Kiko” meaning “For Kiko” (Kiko is a common nickname among Filipinos). It was started and run by the students as a summer school for under privileged Filipinos.

Oh My God, a school full of rich boys..! I can’t wait to have an exchange programme with them.

Other Local Schools

The ACED helps the local government in identifying, training and coordinating efforts to help schools in Quezon City. They will help us finalize which schools we will be working with.

In our experience with them, simple maintenance of school facilities (painting, cleaning, refurbishing) and creation of visual aids is high on top of the list.

Grace Orphanage

This orphanage takes in children who have been orphaned, abandoned, or have parents that otherwise cannot take care of them (in jail, in rehab, missing, etc.). They have around 80 kids housed in a single property and rely entirely on donations to run the place. The kids range from 2.5 years old to 18 years old.

We will run a “feeding programme” for the kids where we will donate a sum of money towards their meals for a period of time. We will get a chance to interact with the kids as well as serve the food to them and help clean afterwards. We will also create some visual aids to help the kids learn some simple math, science, language, hygiene habits to put up at the orphanage.

I am not into kids but I got the feeling that I will really enjoy my time with them…

Our OCIP Group was divided into three small groups. My group was in charge of planning for the Xavier school. (Like duh!)

After lots of hard work, this is what we came up with:

Millennia Institute

Millennia Institute

Map of Philippines

Map of Philippines

Millennia Institute

OCIP Philippines Trip 2010

3rd June 2010 – 11th June 2010

Title: Cultural Exchange at Xavier School

Date: 4th June 2010 – 5th June 200 (Tentative)

Venue: Philippines, Manila

Time: Refer to Schedule

Proposed OCIP Slogan: “Touching Hearts, Changing Lives”


Our mission is to expand the Xavier Boys’ knowledge on Asia’s rich heritage in different beliefs, culture, religion and practices. Through cultural exchange, we would like to share with them some history on our country and the delicacies that we have.

We hope to achieve this by inculcating role-play, question and answer section, method of instructions, story telling time, a mixture of singing, dancing and display/tasting of Singapore’s food.

Cultural Exchange

Activity Details Remarks
  • Teach the boys our MI Dance moves
  • Pair up with our girls for this trip
  • Need the MI Dance song
  • Teach the boys our CIMO dance to showcase our multi racial culture in Singapore
  • MI Dance song (I need to know by Marc Anthony)  will be provided by Sri NurulHuda
  • Sufi and Hidayah will be teaching the moves prior to the trip to all the students participating in this OCIP trip
  • Song titled “JaiHo” will be provided by Aishah
Reasons: Since the students in the Xavier school are around our age, we believed that they will be more interested in the more intricate and fun dance move rather than the simple one. We believed that they are able to learn this dance moves within an hour or so as the steps are pretty simple.
  • Malay Songs

:  Rasa Sayang

: Chan Mali Chan

: Tanjong Katong

:  Potong Bebek Angsa

  • Chinese Song

: Gong Xi Fa Cai

: He Xi Nian

  • Indian Song

: Muneru Valiba

  • Lyrics will be provided  to the students so as to ease convenience (refer to the next document title lyrics)
  • MI students will spread out around the Xavier Boys as Song Leaders
  • Need CD for all the songs stated above
  • All MI students will be singing along with them  and some basic dance moves will be taught
Food All the food from the different culture in Singapore.

  • Examples

–          : Kueh Tart (Malay)

: Muruku/ Ladoo (Indian)

: Love Letter (Chinese)

  • Will bring some food sample for them to taste
  • A slide show will be displayed on when these food are being consumed by the students so that they know what is it and significance to the festivity
  • Reasons: With the exchange of culture with the Xavier students, they are able to know what are the food and songs we have in Singapore. This allows them to understand Singapore better by having a taste on what every race in Singapore has to offer.
Story Telling What are we doing?

  1. Role play
  2. MI students will act out the scene for this story
  3. Asked about what they understand by this story

> Story title: The invasion of Swordfish in Singapore

> Shows the history of Singapore

–          Story line à A clever boy name Nadim à He solved the a problem that Singapore faced: Singapore was attacked by sword fishes and left many people died à what he did was suggest that the Sultan asked the villagers to put bamboo stand so that the villagers are able to kill the  sword fishes à it succeed à But the guard trigger the Sultan à The Sultan sent someone to kill Nadim à Nadim was chained up and thrown away in the middle of the sea.

  • Props will be needed

Educational value in this story

–          Don’t misused your power

–          Have your own stand

–          Don’t misjudge someone that is younger than you as someone who is not well educated or something

CIP Programme
  • We are going introduced some of the CIP programme we have in MI.
  • Like helping the less fortunate students to old folks home to visiting the orphanage
  • Share with them how they can contribute to the less fortunate
  • The students can create activist groups which we had in school (for example Service Learning Club) to encourage other student to do community service.

–          With this group, the activists will be able to lead other students to carry out community activities.

  • Old folk’s home: We are going to teach them how they can visit the old folk’s home every month to spent time with them.

–          Things they can do like singing, dancing and playing games with the old folks.

–          This will help them to understand that the elderly need someone to entertain them

  • Orphanage: Since Xavier school is a top school in Manila, they can collect funds from the student bodies to help the orphanage in terms of facilities and necessities they need.

–          They can do this by collecting old books, clothes and toys to be given to these orphanages.

–          The students can even volunteer to be a part of them in taking care of the students bodies in the orphanage.

–          They can participate in painting the building and cleaning up the areas

  • Cleaning up less fortunate homes: The Xavier school activist can come together every month to clean up someone home and refurbish them if they have the mean to do so.

–          By doing this activity, they will be more aware on how their life is far better than those who can’t even afford to buy things for their house.


During the trip, we will be accommodating in a school named Assumption Antipolo at Sumulong Highway, Antipolo City. It is located on top of a mountain!!! The school seeks to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and works for the young, the poor, and the laity.

So, thats it! I am going to Philippines next week! I believe that we will make a big difference to the people there. Something that we wished to achieve from the trip!!! Oooops, another achievement……?

Antipolo City

Antipolo City

View of Antipolo City from Sumulong Highway

View of Antipolo City from Sumulong Highway

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7 Responses to OCIP Philippines Trip

  1. jessforget says:

    cool! ur going here in the philippines.. where u from?

  2. asahjaya says:

    Anak Dagang
    Kamariah Noor, A Rahman, Sudirman

    Anak dagang di rantau orang
    … biar pandai membawa diri

    Jaga tutur kata
    Jaga cermat peribahasa
    Selalu berbudi tinggi

    Biar merendah
    Kata orang jangan dibantah
    Fikir dahulu sebelum berkata

    Anak dagang negeri orang
    Jika selalu meninggikan diri
    sombong dan iri hati
    mementingkan kemahuan sendiri
    akhirnya mendapat keji

    Manis jangan terus ditelan
    Pahit jangan terus dibuang

    Take care, enjoy your stay and a successful programme. Don’t forget to snap whatever scenery that strikes you instantly.

  3. sonsothunder says:

    Well, congratulations,
    I hope you really enjoyed your trip…Or, are enjoying it. I am sorry I didn’t respond to your comment on my own site before now, but, to be honest… I am a little slow…
    Just really, when I saw it on there last night I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t seen it before now…
    Keep up the great work.

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  5. Stephanie says:

    hey hello! can i check which organisation was the trip organised by? as in which organisation worked with MI?

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