Gay Marriage

I wrote an essay and passed it up to my GP (General Paper) tutor, as assigned. I hope that I am able to pass this time.. 🙂 Anyway, the essay is regarding gay marriage. We are suppose to write 3 paragraphs, 2 for and 1 against. So, this is my written essay.

P.S I hope to have feedback from readers in order to improve my writing skills…

Should gay marriage be legal in Singapore?

Gay marriage should not be allowed in Singapore as it does not contribute to population growth. Singapore is going through ageing population. Therefore, it needs couple to reproduce to contribute to the population of the society. Although gay couple are able to adopt children, it still does not help in the increase of the Singapore population. For instance, taking lesbian couple, Ellen DeGeneres are married to Portia de Rossi but they did not have any children. It shows that they did not contribute to their own society. This shows that gay marriage should not be allowed in Singapore as gay couples are unable to conceive any children.

Another reason for disallowing gay marriage in Singapore is because many religions do not allow their followers to have same sex marriage. Thus, if gay marriage is allowed in Singapore, it will be disturbing as many Singaporeans will find it difficult to accept the new law. For example, in July 2003, the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Canada protested the Chrétien government’s plans to include same-sex couples in civil marriage. This is significant because Catholicism has a larger number of adherents in Canada than any other religion or denomination, . This shows that gay marriage should not be allowed in order to avoid discrimination and resentment among the Singaporeans towards gay couple.

However, gay marriage should be allowed to a certain extent because based on research, by banning gay marriages, it actually increases Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infection.  Bans on gay marriage codify intolerance, causing more gay people to shift to underground sexual behaviours that carry more risk. For example, in United States of America (USA), enacting a same-sex marriage ban is associated with an increase in the estimated HIV rate of 3 to 5 cases per 100,000 people. This shows that gay marriage should be allowed to prevent increases in the risk of insecurity when it comes to public health concerns like HIV.

Gay Couple

Gay Couple

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4 Responses to Gay Marriage

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  2. val says:

    so does it mean that if you do not/cannot have children then you can’t get married? what about heterosexual couples that do get married but don’t have children? should they then be allowed to get married? marriage should not be based on a person’s conceivability, all the more why should someone’s contribution to society deny or give someone the privilege to marriage and love, to be together with someone they love?
    furthermore, marriage is defined to be a secular declaration, therefore religion should not be a restriction. and religion is only applicable to those who chose to believe in the faith.
    more gay sexual activity does not equal to higher rate of HIV. it is only proven in Brazil that rate amongst gay couples is higher, it is not the cause of HIV.
    your argument is clearly flawed, without counter arguments from the side of supporting gay rights. so you should consider the flawed premises you’re using, and try to come up with more substantiated arguments that actually make sense.
    work on it.
    P.S. i support gay rights. there’s nothing wrong with being just another human being.

  3. Hannah says:

    Hi. I’ve read through your GP essay but your introduction seems to be missing. Was it intentionally not written here? Your arguments, though having good points should be well-substantiated to ensure that it is persuasive. Your arguments, though coherent, also needs to be clearly argued with logic to avoid fallacies. Try to cover all loopholes in your argument. From a student to another, I would say that this is a good attempt, it just needs brushing up 🙂

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