The Birth

They cut me open to get you out…

After hours & hours of agony-I shout!

Every minute it came, taking my sanity away;

Stripping me off my pride as my strength went ashray.


Gripping on false hope only to surrender to fate,

Thrown back to reality- one I struggle to take!

May the day comes when I accepted the stories HE made;

For time heals and trauma fades,

Scars remain as remembrance of the battle I fought for your sake…

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Meals of Ramadhan: Burgers, Hashbrowns & Chilli Egg Rice

So yesterday’s iftar & today’s sahur were consisted of Rice with Chilli Egg. It was a recipe that dear mom saw on Facebook and shared it with me. Of course, I just had to make my own version of it.

I saute these (crushed) over some oil: 3 garlics, 2 small onions and an inch of ginger. Then I added in about 8 tablespoons of blended cilli paste and stir fried them till its cooked. I added 3 ‘asam keping’ or tamarind (pictured above) and seasoned the pasty sauce with some sugar, salt and ajinomoto. Lastly, I cracked in 5 eggs and scrambled them till its fully cooked. I also added 1 fried harsbrowns-broken into small pieces, into the dish.

That’s it! We’re done… Serve with rice doused in sweet soy sauce and perhaps some leftover fried hashbrowns to munch on. 😁


For iftar 2 days ago, the leftover pizza from the sahur was inadequate to satisfy our hunger, so I fried some ready made burger patty and we ate them with bread loafs. Thought I’ll add them in here…well, just cause.

While frying, I seasoned them with black and white pepper along with some crushed tomyam cubes for flavouring.

I added fried chicken bacon for more filling…

I buttered the bread loaf, put a slice of cheese and microwave them to melt the cheese.

We ate them with cilli sos. It was too simple but quite yummy! 😋

Phew! So, that is all… Till next time!👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽

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Meals of Ramadhan: PIZZA!!!

I am hoping (don’t bet on me) to start a series of the meals that I cook for the holy month of Ramadhan.

What better way to usher in the holy month than to have pizza for Sahur & Iftar???? 😛

To start off, I layered ready-made prata dough as the base- yes I cheated! You can layer as many as you want depending on how thick and big you want your pizza to be.

For the base sauce, I mixed minced garlic, onions, ginger, some cilli paste and a heartful load of tomato sos. Oh, don’t forget the seasonings of some sugar and salt! I fried them over some oil in the pan till its cooked.

For the toppings, you can add anything! You want a meat pizza, seafood pizza or a chic pizza? Do what your heart pleases. Just make sure to pre-cook the toppings before you stick them on the top of the pizza dough.

Finish off with cheese topping, some black pepper over top and bake! As for my case, I ‘fry’ them over aluminium foil in the frying pan under low heat as momma ain’t got an oven yet. 😕 Unfortunately, the pizza slightly sticked to the foil & Mr Husband got to slowly pry it off with a fork. 😓

Oh well, im not a professional cook. It’s just a passion and i’ll continue to learn.

Here is the end result:

I’ll come back tomorrow-hopefully, with another meal that I cook.

I realised that this post is a little wordy…will try to add more pictures of the in-between process next time.

Till then, Ramadhan Kareem to all Muslims all around the world!!! May this holy month brings out the best in you. May your fast and deeds be fully accepted by the Almighty. InsyaAllah…amen! 💚💚💚

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Book Journal of 2018: Floating Boy & the Girl who couldn’t Fly by P.T Jones

Oh well, here is another long overdue post. So much for reading more in the year of 2018. Work has been hectic. To top that, being a housewife and full-time tutor whilst taking care of partially-immobile hubby that had went for a knee operation (and not recovering too well based on the doct’s judgement), it seems impossible to read as much as I wished to.

Anyway, I finished this book a while ago. Finally, i’ve managed to review it. Okay, enough rambles…

This is another book from the Youth Section in the library. It is from a point of view of a teenage girl who was diagnosed with depression. On her brother’s birthday party (if I recalled accurately), the crowd saw a flying boy. Then somehow every other children and teenagers started flying except for her… The adults though got the bad part of the ‘virus’ which was uncontrollable coughing so the authority had to step in and so on and so forth.

There was more to the story that was pretty interesting but passable in my view. The girl spoke with a teenage lingo which I could no longer relate to somehow. Her rambles bore me making the story long-winded and uninteresting. On a brighter side,the book has mix of everything- friendships, family, fantasy (or sci-fiction???) and boy-girl-relationship. So it’s pretty well-rounded. Overall, the book was nice but not worth a second read.

Here is my rating:

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Book Journal of 2018: Overbite by Meg Cabot

Oh wow, has it been 3 years indeed since I last posted? Too many things have changed… I graduated from University, worked, got married, moved out from my parents & living on a rented apartment with the husband. Life is full of ups & downs. One way to cope is to always look forward (and maybe back-sometimes). One of my resolutions this year is to start reading again & minimise phone usage. I’m still working on it…and a few other goals that never seem to materialise. Still, im making progress, I guess. It takes a lot of you.

Anyway, this is my first book of the year. Here goes:

The first half of the book was quite unexciting. I felt like the author just jump to the characters a little too quickly & just briefly mentioned events that happened before this book- that was actually in the 1st book. This is supposedly the second book…a continuation from the 1st one & I didn’t even realised after a while. I felt like i’m missing pieces & chunks of information. It feels as if I start to read from the middle of a book, if that makes sense.

The whole concept is about vampires & an organisations fighting these demons. Meena, happened to be in-love with a vampire & apparently he is the son of Dracula too. A love-triangle thrown in between the plot as Meena’s colleague has a thing for her too… The two males just despised & wanted to end each other (what’s new?).

Overall, it was a good read. Very ‘Twilight’ & ‘Vampire Diaries’ vibe… I plucked it out from the Adult Fiction section then realised that it was actually misplaced. It belongs to the Youth section. Anyway, I’ll give it 3 Out of 5 Stars.

Well done Meg Cabot! My teenage-self always remember & love you for the Pincess Diaries Series. 😊

P.S Interesting point to note: Some information mentioned in the book are actual facts!

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Property, Plant and Equipment

This is a group assignment that I did with my degree classmates lately. I would like to share it with the world. I hope this is useful.

1. Compare the property, plant and equipment of the 2 SGX listed companies, Breadtalk Group Ltd and Soup Restaurant Group Ltd, using different model (cost model and valuation model) to discuss the differences in recognition, measurement and presentation. (IAS 16)

A company’s assets are vital, but cannot be easily liquidated. In most companies’ financial statements, Property, Plant and Equipment (PPE) would be treated differently from one company to another. This is because of improvements, replacements, and betterments (Melville, 2014). Based on IAS 16, PPE should be initially recognized at cost which includes necessary cost to bring the asset to working condition for its intended use (IAS Plus, n.d).

For Breadtalk Group Ltd, from 2012 to 2013, Breadtalk’s PPE increases from $157,408,000 to $225,860,000 worldwide (Breadtalk Group Ltd, 2013). In terms of presentation, these are reflected in the Balance Sheet as the net book values, following the basic requirement of IAS 16. Therefore, the historical cost and total depreciation of the PPE is not presented here. The yearly depreciation amount is reflected in the cash flow statement instead. The method used for depreciation measurement is based on straight-line basis (Breadtalk Group Ltd, 2013). A more detailed measurement for PPE is then disclosed further in Notes 10. In the notes, Breadtalk classified their PPE and recognise them based on different types which are Leasehold Property and Land, Machinery and Equipment, Furniture and Fittings, Office Equipment, Renovation, Construction-In-Progress and Electrical Works (Breadtalk Group Ltd, 2013). These PPE groups are recognised individually at cost price. Further measurements which in turn will derive to the net book values includes disposal values, write offs, reclassifications, attributable to assets held for sale and translation difference (Breadtalk Group Ltd, 2013).

Soup Restaurant Group Ltd presented two financial statements in their 2013 annual report which consists of company accounts and group accounts. The group accounts figures will be used for analysis to make a fair comparison with Breadtalk Group Ltd. In the Soup Restaurant Group Ltd.’s group accounts, under the non-current assets, their Plant and Equipment increases from $3,979,873 to $4,736,186 from year 2012 to 2013 (Soup Restaurant Ltd, 2013). These figures are also based on net book values. Unlike Breadtlak Group Ltd, this company’s depreciation amount is reflected in their Income Statement under “Depreciation and Amortization” instead of being grouped together with many other expenses. Just like Breadtalk Group Ltd, the depreciation of plant and equipment is reflected in their cash flow statement under non-cash expense. In 2013, Soup Restaurant Ltd stated that they used straight line method for their depreciation. In the notes, the company recognised their PPE at cost price and these prices are be grouped in air-conditioners, computers, electrical equipment, furniture and fittings, kitchen equipment, machinery, motor vehicles, office equipment and renovation (Soup Restaurant Ltd, 2013). Further measurements include additions, disposals, written off and exchange differences (Soup Restaurant Ltd, 2013) in order to arrive to net book values. This method is the same as Breadtalk also.Lastly, since this company presented their group accounts, for the purpose of consolidated of cash flows, calculation for the Group’s addition to PPE was being comprised as well (Soup Restaurant Ltd, 2013).

To sum up, in terms of presentation, Breadtalk did not prepare the consolidated account because they are not a parent company. However, Soup Restaurant is a parent company of the subsidiary account. In terms of measurement, Breadtalk own properties that should be revaluated in every few years. Soup Restaurant, on the contrary, does not own any property. Since there are no depreciation for properties, we can conclude that Breadtalk depreciation expense over its’ total value of PPE may be lower than Soup Restaurant as a certain bulk of their PPE comes from property ownership.

References List

Breadtalk Group Ltd. (2013). Annual Report 2013. Retrieved 19 January, 2015, from
IAS Plus. (n.d.). Deloitte. Retrieved 19 January, 2015, from
Melville, A. (2014). International Financial Reporting: A Practical Guide (Fourth Edition ed.). United Kingdom : Pearson Education Limited.
Soup Restaurant Ltd. (2013). Annual Report 2013. Retrieved 19 January, 2015, from

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The Rescue Angel

The Rescue Angel

A broken lady, sobbing dejectedly at the sidewalk;

Then god sends an angel to heave away the pain.

The rescuer looked at her- concerned;

She suppressed her wild bawling and reformed her contorted face- ashamed!

The heavenly being came forth with her trusty aid for the wrecked heart.

Such persona was undeniably exquisite in every manner- her words dictated from the holy book.

It is from her does the lady learn countless blessings;

For that, the rescue angel will never be forgotten!

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